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Read on to see our top picks, or browse our guide to the best gifts for women to get even more gift ideas.A simple monogrammed ring is a gift that feels special, like it’s been tailor-made just for her.

(If you didnt get it means you didnt sign up to my monthly newletter- and missed out! Read More What better way to DISCOVER how to get a woman into your bed than from a woman!

Being a very practical person Post’s anniversary gift categories were such that you could find inexpensive gifts that fit the early year’s category types and practical gifts that fit many of the later year’s categories. Many couples try to go a bit off script to find themed gifts associated with a great experience they shared.

Don’t forget to look on e Bay for vintage goods aligned with a personal interest like comic books or Disney memorabilia.

Here’s how it’s done, Via Clumsy Crafter Need to look like you spent more money? Let Just Bella show you how to make your own flowers out of coffee filters. the upside for you is that you can play some golf that same weekend! You can put all kinds of things in a jar and make a great homemade gift out of it. Mason jars can make all kinds of things look cute in the eyes of your girlfriend. Maybe you saved some beach shells from a vacation together? Find the full instructions at IHeart Nap It looks really complicated, but it’s actually not too hard to make. This is one she won’t believe you actually created yourself. Made completely out of pallets, give your girlfriend a nice accent piece for her apartment and she’ll think of you every time she sees it.

via the Decoist Get her a weekend away with a friend… See instructions on Witand Whistle See instructions on the 36th Avenue blog. Here is a simple and cheap way to make a gift she’ll love.

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