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Read on for ways to manage your relationship with someone whose ancestry is of Arabic origins.The Kurdish people are a heterogeneous ethnic group whose ethnic background comes from many regions including Iraqi Kurdistan, and parts of Iran, Turkey, and Syria.An artist plans to bring together Iraq War veterans and Iraqi refugees to turn an invasive species into an enriching cultural exchange Carp is a much maligned and misunderstood fish.You don’t find it on many menus, at least in the United States. And it is commonly known as a trash fish—a freshwater also-ran to sexier game fish like salmon, trout, and bass and, historically, a staple of lower-class, immigrant laborers’ diets.In addition to political repression, the Kurds have also experienced cultural repression.In Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, there were extensive campaigns at forced assimilation.

The Iraqi community of metropolitan Chicago reflects the ethnic and sectarian diversity of Iraq.” Iqbal was ashamed that she kept her 3-month old relationship a secret.Her mother was more worried that the photos did not reflect well on the family.Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, and Turkomans work to maintain their distinct ethnic identities in Chicago, holding to traditional family values, cultural practices, and language while also adapting to the norms of American society.The largest and oldest Iraqi community in Chicago are the Assyrians, who number in the tens of thousands, making Chicago home to the largest Assyrian population in the United States.

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If authorities searched their homes and found anything Kurdish, they could be imprisoned, and many were.

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