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Doing a dry run in the lab, I installed 9.65 and restored our 8.73 database.Not too surprisingly at first launch of the web interface I'm getting a Startup Suspended, error updating the database [email protected] @dpertschi That is one of the recommended ways, yes.Incremental upgrades typically aren't necessary unless we're coming from a version of 8 that is older than 8.7, but if you're more comfortable doing incremental upgrades, it shouldn't cause any issues. I have a working Cisco Script Application mapped to a trigger.I want to update to the script to a new script in this application.I think if you install JSS 8.73 on your test server, then load in your 8.73 database then upgrade to 9.65 it will work.Hopefully others will chime in to correct me if I am wrong.

Added, Fence & Gates now take damage from bladed melee weapons (foundation level to level 4) Added, Four new POI (NWATent Camp, Elektro Wells, Gvozdno Military Base, Shakhovka) and updated Trains Updated, New Ai node if the agent dies during chase. Nailed and barbed bats increased to the same as hatchet.

Thanks, Dilip Hi Dilip, Can you check if the Cisco Unified CCX Database is IN SERVICE on both the nodes?

To verify the integrity can you run the following command on both the nodes (non-business impacting)utils uccx database dbserver integrity Check the update post that.

Added, Streamer mode is toggleable by player in game options. Added, Military flashlight attachments Added, Map markers are now automatically tagged with the name of the player who placed them.

Added, Ten second count down to abort button to improve reliability of player saving.

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Updated, Inventory and Hitpoints retrieval no longer using format (due to the 2048 characters limit), Should fix big inventory's like the ural.

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