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Hayley also begged at Josh to let Taylor play the acoustic set with her. You, oh, oh my God, you keep kissing on stage and dedicating songs to each other and he's playing the acoustic set with you, Hayley. Josh grabbed her arm and pulled her back, to keep her from leaving. It includes some kind of epiphany about one's feelings, and it's followed by "I'm in love with you" "Oh, me too, I've always been in love with you" and more kissing. He was jealous because he wanted to be the one being gross and over the top with Hayley. It is making me quite angry, now that I think about it." Taylor said. When she saw him approaching her, she and took a deep breath and with that, Josh knew she wasn't ready to talk. Either case, it was better to get this over and done with, so he didn't try to talk himself out of it."Hayley? For a moment, he thought she was going to come up with an excuse and leave, and she was probably going to but decided against it, and sighed instead."I know. And maybe if you weren't married and if I wasn't in a happy, committed relationship... I would have liked that."When Hayley finished, she closed the space between the two of them and gave him a little peck on the lips.And Josh couldn't say no, because he was a team player and he didn't want both Hayley and Taylor to glare at him the whole night. He was married, and Hayley was with Taylor, and yet, because of an unconscious move he had just made, he realized still had feelings for her. Hayley pulled back a few seconds later, and Josh's first instinct was to apologize."Oh God, I'm sorry, I don't know what has gotten into m-" Hayley chose that moment to slap him right in the face, and, despite Josh's best efforts, leave anyway. And Josh, who was tearing up, savored the moment because he knew it would be the last.This was a group that could turn its inner dramas into singalongs with the piquancy of Fleetwood Mac and the efficiency of Black Flag.But Paramore’s remaining members say they never considered shutting the whole thing down.One of them (the black-haired one) had to lean on his friend's shoulder, all while Hayley and Taylor looked at each other like nobody else existed. And it's staring at Tayley, there." Zac said."You're- You just called them Tayley, Zac. You know I'm a lazy person, I was born this way." Zac replied. Also, Hayley very pointedly dedicated The Only Exception to Taylor (she said "And this song is for the love of my life, who's standing right there. That's when he noticed Hayley was giving him a death glare. And, I guess if it's not much trouble, can you please not kiss her this time around? Josh pulled himself upright, and faced Taylor."Should I, um. For understanding and not giving my attractive face an ugly bruise? Taylor laughed, and gave Josh an one-armed hug."It's cool, dude. Because sometimes, when I'm awake at night, I like to think you would've run away with me.I love you, baby" while pointing at Taylor, whose dumbstruck face could probably be seen from space) and when it was time to introduce the band, since Taylor always introduced Hayley with the "she likes to sing" speech, he decided it would be a great idea to finish it with "Oh, and she likes me a lot, too" which resulted on Hayley replying "I love you" and then Taylor saying "I love you too" and the crowd cheering for so long they had to shush them in order to finish Pressure. You guys need to tone it down, seriously, you're all over each other, it's kind of disgusting." Josh finished, taking a few breaths to calm down. And that's when he realized what he just said, and his laughter was effectively killed."You are an asshole." Hayley retorted, and turned to leave. Usually, in movies, that's the moment where of the people involved has the revelation. It was, mostly, that he was jealous, which he knew already. And it wasn't because he never made out that much with Jenna, or because their PDA was gross or over the top. But, really, even though she is my girlfriend and sometimes I feel like I should be defending her honor and stuff, I know she's a grown woman and she doesn't need me for that. You know it is."-o-Josh walked to Hayley a few hours before their next show. I don't think it changes things now, but at the time, it could have.The two dated for a good amount of time before they decided to split.Not much about the tenure of their love and the demise of it was revealed, as this musician is strict when it comes to maintaining privacy.

He went to the kitchen and they were practically laying on the table with a bowl of cereal left forgotten because, indeed, they were making out. The last straw was when they started to act all couple-y right before the shows. Who acted like they were witnessing the second coming of Jesus."..he said he had always had a crush on me and I almost cried because I always had, too. Another high-pitched squeal, and Josh sighed loudly. I started to suspect it when we had that band meeting right before your wedding and you hinted at wanting someone to speak up at your wedding and looked at me. And, well, yes, the fact that you still have feelings for me makes things more complicated now, but, okay." Hayley took a deep breath.At night, he could hear Taylor sneaking off to sleep on Hayley's bunk which was directly above his, and then the hushed sounds of... So I kissed him, and it was great." Hayley said, clinging to Taylor like a monkey to a tree. Hayley laughed softly, and the flattering continued."Gross." Josh muttered, leaning against a wall. He was not in the mood to deal with that.-o-On the first show of the tour, they kissed a total of seven times. "I kissed you without your permission, which I know is a shitty thing to do. Feels good to have the confirmation." Hayley replied, still smiling. Josh knew what she was going to say would change things.Taylor had his arm around her, and the four fans surrounding them swooned, literally. Zac, standing beside him, rolled his eyes."I can see your jealousy. It has green eyes and it's and fat and taller than you. Zac shrugged."It's easier than calling them 'Taylor and Hayley'. And seriously, your crankiness is making me cranky. They also decided the best way to interact was to keep running into each other, so Hayley fell three times. That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. Unless she wants you to, but try not to." Taylor finished. When they got there, she took a seat and looked at Josh, expectantly."I guess I should start by apologizing? I also laughed at your face when you said your PDA with Taylor wasn't bad, which is also shitty but hey, it's true, but the thing is, even though it makes me angry I had no right to say that..." Hayley was smiling openly now, and Josh raised an eyebrow. "For what it's worth, I did think about speaking up at your wedding.In 2010, it finally became too much for Josh and Zac Farro, two brothers who founded the band. And then they blogged about it, entering an ugly crossfire of keystrokes with Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis.Watching the breach play out on a computer screen was both sad and strange.

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The 27-year-old Ignorance singer and the guitarist, 34, were married at the Franklin Theater.

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