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The Kerala government’s decision to introduce free sex-reassignment surgeries in government hospitals may open a new lifeline to transgenders who feel they are trapped in bodies that are not compatible with their feelings.

No such facility for such surgeries exists, either in government or private sector, in the state at present, says VN Jithendran, director in the social justice department of government of Kerala.

In other words, every person will have a house name and all the people belonging to that particular house/family will take on the same name.

We grow up thinking that sex is something that happens to us, not something we make happen.While the Namboothiris are the priests, the Nairs comprises of the ministers of the state, the state cavalry, the state administration and such.They are just below the royal family in ranking; they were the Kshatriyas.With this background, Anil said the decision to introduce the facility in government hospitals in the state will be a big boon to the transgenders.A survey conducted among the transgenders in the state last year found that nearly 81% of the estimated 25,000 transgenders wished to change their gender identity.

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This is not affordable for majority of the transgenders since they neither have regular income nor the support of their families.

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