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Saatchi Gallery 14 minutes walk from Biondi Painting, photography, print-making, drawing and collage works from new artists, Mildred Palmer, Andrew Millar, Tom Shedden, Pakal, Olly Fathers, Zabou, ...

More Union Chapel The first musical version of Nick Hornby's book Fever Pitch, which famously follows the ups and downs of life supporting Arsenal Football Club, is staged at the Union Chapel, in the heart of north London ...

Of course, the credit may be due to the builders who fixed it so securely, that it has always come off best in any collision which did occur. (See under Cnihtengild) A little further down Brushfield Street is a pub called The Gun.

This is near to where the Honourable Artillery Company, founded by Henry VIII in 1537, had its barracks. There is one set of mosaics on each side of the road in the northern part of Brick Lane, near the railway bridge.

The Dixie family fortune was lost in the 19th century, and the house and estate were sold in the 1880s to pay gambling debts.

In the eighteenth century Sir Wolstan Dixie, the 4th baronet, had a reputation for being a pugnacious bully, with a penchant for using his fists to settle any dispute, which often set him at odds with his neighbours and even ex-employees.

The Guildhall Library in London holds the FT from 1888 onwards on microfilm.

The prices quoted represent all trading activity carried out through the London Stock Exchange on the previous business day.

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Since the 1980s the house has had several owners and is now a hotel.

History Bosworth Hall is a former stately home which belonged to the once wealthy Dixie family, whose strong connections with Market Bosworth date back to the 12th century.

As the chief trustee of the local school he "had complete control" over the appointment of tutors at the establishment.

In March 1732 he appointed the young and impoverished Samuel Johnson (1709–1784) to a position of usher at the school, even though he did not have the required university degree.

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