Tips for dating a cougar

If you have decide to take the plunge into the world of cougar dating then there are a lot of things you should know first, not only about cougar women but also about you and the way you can ensure success.

Dating older women is not much different than dating women your own age but there are some differences.

If you're a fearless cougar hunter please go ahead and take your chances by approaching the next hot older woman you see in public.

It's a risky business though and you're on your own because this guide into how to date a cougar steers clear of such unreliable methods. Finding a cougar to date in a bar should be fairly straightforward.

The rules are pretty much the same as dating younger chicks, but there are a lot of subtle differences that we'll try to help you with in this short but sweet web guide. So you're ready to date a cougar but where are you going to find her? Besides age and experience, what makes cougars good in bed? Older men have been dating younger women forever — we believe an older woman can date a younger man, too. That said, there’s a physical component; we have to stay fit. If you are interested in a relationship with anyone, then the time-honored rules apply. Do you share things in common as a starting point for a relationship? She, in theory, loves you for who you are and, within reason, will try to be accepting of anyone you choose to bring home. Have a conversation with her and let her know you understand she may have some concerns, but you are happy with your girlfriend and hope she will be happy for you. It’s like a ride in a sports car versus the family sedan. Being comfortable with your own body and sexuality is something that one only acquires with age and experience. We are confident, and not constrained by false social norms. Sex gets talked about twenty-four/seven, but the act itself takes up much less of the week. I'd like to introduce them, but I'm feeling a bit awkward about it. If your mom has been paying attention, she already knows you prefer to date older women, so dump the same-age guilt. Is this a possibility, or is being a cougar all about the sex? The old definition of being a cougar was just about having sex with younger guys, but more and more cougars and cubs are now having long term relationships and getting married. I'd like to introduce them, but I feel a bit awkward about it. Mothers are usually not too happy to learn that their sons are dating a woman close to them in age. She may be wondering if this means there won’t be any grandchildren or she may be worried that your girlfriend is using you and will break your heart.Here we recommend the two proven places to meet a cougar woman: 1). More and more cougars are heading into bars and clubs to check out the young cougarbait on offer.So go find them, and when you do, be confident, be cool and remember the reason most cougars are looking for a younger man is because they're bored of the slipper wearing, couch potato guys of their own age.

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