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Her compelling testimony before the committee was broadcast live around the globe, sweeping her from the quiet obscurity of her life as a professor of law at the University of Oklahoma. House and Senate chose to dismiss her allegations, and as a result, Thomas was given a seat on the highest court in the nation. Nothing in Anita Hill's upbringing could have prepared her for the glare of international publicity she would eventually face.

Her charges produced a stunning collision of race and gender issues, and reactions to her and her story were highly polarized; some viewed her as a hero and a martyr, while others vilified her as mentally unstable, a liar, and even a racist. The youngest in a family of 13 children, she was raised in a deeply religious atmosphere on her parents' farm in rural Morris, Oklahoma, located some 45 miles south of Tulsa.

Hill knows that her name is familiar to those of us who were old enough to be paying attention back in the early ’90s.

And she knows she won’t be changing the minds of Thomas partisans. I spoke to her yesterday about why she was willing to dredge up that awful fall of 1991, and step back into a spotlight that had been anything but kind to her.

Whether or not she was telling the truth doesn't matter. I was being sexually harassed at the same time by my male boss. I had a girl-buddy at the time who said she considered sexual harassment as "just part of the job". He said her credibility was such that if she said it happened, it happened. Anita Hill never had anything but a professional relationship with Clarence Thomas.

Like, for example, that despite keeping private and not saying much, Hill does have a long-term boyfriend who she has been with for the past 10 years. His name is Chuck Malone who is, according to Anita, in the insurance business.His behavior since taking that seat has been appalling. I wonder what he'll do now, now that Scalia is gone. But he's still lazy and dumb, totally unqualified to be on the Supreme Court,. She was asked about his qualifications and told the truth.He should have been thrown off the bench years ago. He always voted the same way as Scalia, prompting someone to say that Scalia had "two votes" on the Supreme Court. One of my law professor had taught with her at a law school in Oklahoma.Sundays were spent at the Lone Pine Baptist Church, while the rest of her week was filled with farm chores and schoolwork.She attended Okmulgee County's integrated schools, where she earned straight As and graduated as class secretary, valedictorian, and a National Honor Society student.

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After graduation, she attended Oklahoma State University, where she continued her outstanding academic performance and graduated with a degree in psychology and numerous academic honors.

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