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I know a lot of people don’t have sympathy for some celebrities like, “Hold on. Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad days. There’s nothing scandalous about this but I’ll give you an example. was like, “We’re gonna fly you on a private jet.” I was like, “Okay! She is, by the way, one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We ended up having this really cool girly conversation. We had a lot of conversations where I thought, “Is this for real? I appreciated that because a lot of people shut down when they see people like me who work for E! I’ve always prided myself on just being very much “what you see is what you get” and he was that way too. Mind you, I was married once before so for me this was kind of phase two in my life. I do pinch myself often because I love my life, I love my job and then I look at my family and everybody’s healthy and everything’s cool and all that I have is all that I need.

Sometimes I’m my best self, sometimes I’m a lousy version of myself so I would hate to walk away from an interview and make a whole judgement on who they are as a human being. I’m a mom, I have two kids so she told me how she was feeling, how much weight she had gained and she wasn’t editing herself. and said, “By the way, she’s gained this much and this is what she ate,” but I couldn’t do that. because they think we’re gonna go run and tell all the goods. I’ve dated people in the industry and actually my husband works as a producer in the film industry but he’s in finance and not really on the artsy creative side. ” and good for them but that has never happened to me. I have two kids and my ex-husband [Kyle Boyd] and I are absolutely great friends. I just think practicing gratitude is very powerful. Gosh, they all kind of run together, it’s so sad to say.

Before finishing college, Sadler was hired by WXIN, the Fox affiliate in Indianapolis to host the weekly segment "Youth Matters".

Still, it seems as though the brunette beauty is hopeful she and her estranged husband will remain friends following their divorce.

Meet Catt Sadler, divorced single mom raising two sons, dabbling in dating and balancing all with her job as the host of the E! Head-to-toe glamour may be an occasional indulgence for most working single mothers, but for the co-host of showbiz news program Daily 10, it’s a job requirement. “I have people putting beautiful clothes on my back and brushing my hair.

network, Catt Sadler hunkers down for her 90-minute, five-times-a-week primping ritual.

It’s definitely an art and I think that is probably what makes people good at what we do. Nobody’s real with people, nobody tells them no, there’s a lot of that that goes on so I understand and make allowances for people. ”—first of all that’s weird but okay, we forgave you for that—and then he said, “My brother’s girlfriend’s name is Catt! This [on the left] is the past and, eh, that’s over and this [on the right] is the future and we don’t know if we have tomorrow, right?

At any given moment you have to be able to roll with any scenario and attitude or personality and mood. It does things that other people will never have to experience. You can interview someone and on any given day they’ll be a different way. to New York just a couple months ago and randomly—trust me this doesn’t happen all the time—E! ” [Laughs] I didn’t know who else was going to be on the plane but I get there and it’s Kim Kardashian, her mom Kris Jenner, Chelsea Handler, Ross Matthews… I was thinking, “Should I be pouring the drinks and serving the food? ” But Kim is very pregnant and has all of this going on in her life. ” There were all of these little things that were funny in the beginning but the truth is that I sensed we had a real connection. So I like to see this because it just reminds me to be very present.

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By contrast, her current position only carries the professional risk of getting nuzzled on camera by Gerard Butler or trading dangerous double entendres with Johnny Depp (we’ll only say that Sadler’s televised exchange with the Pirates of the Caribbean star pivoted on the word booty).

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