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He posts drawings he did when 18 (scary), pictures of him doing yoga (impressive, and on a sidewalk!

De Luise was born in 1971 in Los Angeles, California. They have two daughters, Riley De Luise, who appeared in Hairshirt with him, and Dylan De Luise.

) arch his eyebrow as high as his funnyman father, Dom De Luise, Dom’s youngest son David is one to watch.

Fox, Eric Roberts, and Montel Williams) you can follow the always entertaining De Luise on Twitter.

Speaking about her love life, the Total Recall actress said: "Obviously it's pretty easy to get a date.

But to me, my life is so full."I don't want to take time out to just go on a date, or to just have sex with a stranger."She continued: "At this point, I get more satisfaction - physically, spiritually, emotionally - from a smile, a laugh, a warm conversation or a really sexy look."You know the way a man can look at you? "I don't want to be with someone unless it's like that."Discussing growing older, The Basic Instinct star told AARP The Magazine: "I've stopped questioning everything, and that gives me a lot more room to breathe."I think it's just getting comfortable in yourself - in everything, but certainly the work."Referencing the devastating stroke that left her unable to walk or talk properly for two years, Sharon commented that "just being alive is pretty exciting".

The 56-year-old actress was spotted showing some major PDA during a make out session David De Luise. The first two episodes of the series were broadcast on October 29, 2010, Part 1 of 2. Brandon suspects the doll is trying to get rid of Lilly. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series is a Canadian/American original anthology horror-fantasy series that originally aired on Discovery Family.He had a recurring role in 3rd Rock from the Sun as Bug Pollone and was a regular performer on Jesse during its first season, playing Jesse's brother Darren.He also played a recurring role in Stargate SG-1 as Pete Shanahan.

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